Warden Vega, Hardholder of the North Dakota Insane Asylum at Jamestown


Vega has been known to carry an M1911A1 pistol, which is further rumored to contain .45 ACP rounds. Many people have seen the gun, none have seen the rounds and lived to tell the tale.

Also in his arsenal is a SKS M59 carbine, a Yugoslavian variant. Not exactly an assault rifle, the M59 is just a bigger, more reliable gun. It sacrifices a little bit in accuracy and control to be something you can field-strip with no tools, slam a stripper clip into and paint the town red. It comes with a folding blade-style bayonette, and a 22mm NATO-style grenade launcher with a folding ladder sight. Versatile, dependable, and intimidating. Just like SOMEONE WE KNOW.


The big man, well, he’s big, you know? His wrists are like, as big as my thighs. No fooling man, the guy is a beast! He’s real solid-like, and when he looks at you, you know he’s in charge. He don’t dress in charge man but you know it. And when the big man says jump, the whole ground shakes cause he’s got like sixty people jumping all at once. I don’t know how the big guy does it, but he’s got them trained like, well, not like a gang, like soldiers or something.

We live in this psycho ward. It’s not so bad, you know it’s fucking filthy and disgusting but you’re safe, you’re fed, and in today’s world? Well, everything doesn’t seem like it’s going to shit as much. The big man’s in control, okay? And you feel in control cause the big guy is. It sounds funny but it’s fuckin’ truth.


AW: Chippewa, Population: 202. falkreon