AW: Chippewa, Population: 202.

Retrospectives for 10/10!

The calm before the maelstrom

Enjoy the last bit of relative quiet you’ll have for awhile…


The nearly sociopathic barbarism that hangs over this place is almost infectious. We only just arrived and already I am lowering myself to their patriarchal, chauvinistic, indiscriminately violent, society. At Vega’s request, I threatened one of the men with my stun gun. Today I drew arms against highly effective “soldiers” in order to transport my patient in safety. (It appears as if their leader – Vega – has acquired a very serious infection. Thus far I have been unable to rule out any particular pathogen, be it viral, bacterial, fungal, or parasitic. I do not, however, believe his illness is due to exposure to a toxin.)

In other news, I have begun investigating the mountains of medical journals and records at this facility. I’ve found vague records indicating the location of a secure cache of hi-tech medstock fairly nearby. There seems to be an (over)abundance of neuro-psychology journals. Although I intend to keep it a secret from all but the Savvyhead, I even found detailed schematics for deep ear plugs! Such a device will greatly aid my research into the psychic maelstrom, and the Brainer phenomenon… That is, if I survive this pit and ever have the opportunity to continue my research…

Retrospectives for 10/10!

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