AW: Chippewa, Population: 202.

Retrospectives for 9/5!

Rough Times in Jimmytown

Knock yourselves out.


Oh what the fuck. Figures, I guess. Gotta fight for a place to be. It’s just the way it is. But I have a feeling that I can’t just crack heads this time—not and continue to be more value than a liability to Vega. So I do what has always been a method of last resort: I reach into the Maelstrom. It shows me the motherfucking Doctor again.

I wake up in Char’s sterile sanctuary. So I know everything must be ok. Except everyone seems to be on their way out, so I get up to follow. I have to continue proving myself to Vega. I need to secure myself here.

Char tries to get me to stay put. As if she actually gives a shit what happens to me. Huh. Maybe I should ask her to help me find the answers I’m looking for after all. Maybe knowing for sure how much of this is me and how much is… manufactured. Maybe that would make it easier.

We go into the building I’d seen before. And we found… a feral little girl. She drew blood on one or two of Vega’s men before they got her in a cell. I spoke with her, drew her story out; Twice completely brain fucked the poor kids. They believe that to live, others must die. And it’s hard to argue with that. Shit breaks, and sometimes we are the ones who break it. The kids also… latch on to people who are closely associated to the Maelstrom. And they’ve latched on to me.


I don’t want to be “Maelstrom guy” or “Ladyboy.”

I just wanna fix things.

Retrospectives for 9/5!

This place is a hole. The Hardholder continues impotently push his weight around. I’m beginning to wonder whether he’s just stupid, or actually delusional believing that he’s created anything remotely called “civilized.”

Speaking of uncivilized, who names their child “Nipples?” That neanderthal has a serious staring problem. And yet, for as unsettling as “Nipples” is, at least that primitive, vulgar philistine hasn’t tried anything… yet. The other brute, Mercer, suffers from a severe lack of impulse control. He came up behind me while I was examining my van and quite nearly got his hand… Anyway, I was forced to use my stun gun which I carry in my pocket as of late. I tased him directly in the genetalia. I believe “Nipples” witnessed the ensuing agony of 50,000 volts to the scrotum, and chose to keep his distance. I only pray that I have permanently damaged Mercer’s ability to pass on his wretched genome.

Also, there is some kind of weird-tainted, maelstrom-touched child that is obviously suffering from a violent psychosis and oral fixation…

This place is a pit.

Retrospectives for 9/5!

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