Who said angels have to give a fuck?


5’6" of cool and sharp. Char comes with a van; her own mobile life-support workspace and drug lab. Not even her two assistants know her that well. She treats them fairly, but like the underlings they are. She is an incredibly talented medic, with experience in anatomy, physiology, biochemistry, and internal medicine. Her steady hands and encyclopedic knowledge are not – however – “gifts” to be shared, but rather marketable skills to be exploited. It’s not her job to “care,” or give a damn about your pain, wellbeing, or even survival… But for the right price her services are yours.


Char comes from a family of Skinners. She was raised by her father (a Skinner) in an isolated coterie of other Skinners. His particular inclination was for knowledge. Whereas some Skinners are connoisseurs of pre-apocalyptic beauty, art, or cuisine, her father immersed himself in academia. If an intact book, page, paragraph, or sentence existed in Apocalypse World, he had consumed it. He was a man of seclusion, pale but pristine complexion, esoteric interests, and pretension. Char was the fulfillment of his life’s goals; passing on his knowledge and unpolluted lineage. He taught Char everything she knows about science and medicine, and instilled in her a similar obsession with fastidious cleanliness and purity. Despite being the first non-Skinner in her family, Char retains an air of superiority and narcissism.

Char is calculating, precise, sarcastic, and bitter. Self-assured and confident of her abilities, she typically displays a very calm and collected demeanor, rarely at a loss for words or taken off guard. She is intelligent and has a keen, analytical mind. Char’s impassive and aloof attitude seems to stem from her belief that people who base their judgments on emotion are weak, and deserve what they get.

Char is suspicious of weird above and beyond the common mistrust or disdain. For some unknown reason (likely stemming from past experience) she is very apprehensive of, and systematically avoids, prolonged interactions with weird… especially Brainers.

This 30-something, nubile, Angel is not unattractive. She has bright, piercing eyes, and dark hair. Her hands are not rough or calloused like the majority of hands. Char’s hands have been preserved for delicate tasks and precise surgeries. Her readily available drugs, supplements, and concoctions have left her with a healthy complexion uncharacteristic to other locals. She is an excellent specimen. Yet she maintains an air of disinterest in anything (or anyone) outside of her work. Whether it’s her air of superiority, her aloof nature, or something else entirely, this otherwise “available” Angel is not known to wantonly dabble in carnal exchanges. To some, this makes her a challenge to be overcome or an enigma to be conquered.


AW: Chippewa, Population: 202. SearchingStones