There is no government, no society, in Apocalypse World. When hardholders ruled whole continents, when they waged war on the other side of the world instead of with the hold across the burn-flat, when their armies numbered in the hundreds of thousands and they had fucking boats to hold their airplanes on, that was the golden age of legend. Now, anyone with a concrete compound and a gang of gunluggers can claim the title. You, you got something to say about it?


Kingfisher is a tall, thin, and androgynous man who wears slightly oversize tan suits with matching hat that are always slightly too large over Hawaiian shirts. His face is slimmer than the in this picture, and he doesn’t wear a tie, but overall it’s a pretty good take on him.

Nobody knows much about Kingfisher before a few years ago when he came rolling into town in an honest-to-goodness tank (and a few dozen bloodthirsty gang members), having heard rumors that things in Chippewa were not going well. Being a gentleman, he offered the old holder, Yellowtooth, a chance to surrender peacefully. Yellowtooth had been running the holding to the ground, and had stockpiled a good chunk of loot which he was happy to run off with in the middle of the night. The very next day, the tank broke down, and hasn’t been in working order since. However, Kingfisher has proven himself to the people of Chippewa as a stern but fair ruler, and the fact that he’s the only person who can keep his gang from ripping people to pieces helps keep him in power.

He lives in relative comfort in one of the high towers at the edges of the Chippewa complex, but works extremely hard to keep the holding in running order (which is no small feat in Apocalypse World). He is a very hands-on leader who prefers to keep an eye on all happenings in his home, all-to-aware of how easy it is to topple a leader people are not pleased with. His right-hand-man is an upstanding citizen named Grungeballs. Okay, Grungeballs, like the rest of the gang, is a savage SOB, but he wears a defective brown jumpsuit, which he considers a mark of his rank.

Kingfisher is quick to appreciate and harness peoples’ talents for the preservation of Chippewa. While he initially distrusted Brightlark, as a good chunk of his population had been stolen by another Hocus, Beetle. However, he’s come to respect her and has given her a place in Chippewa, but keeps his eyes close on her (both out of attraction and not complete trust… not that Kingfisher completely trusts ANYONE). Kingfisher doesn’t have a solid feel on Char yet, but it’s always nice to have a medic around. Lively is definitely scary, but Kingfisher knows nothing about psychic maelstrom and is happy to turn a blind eye to Lively’s… worst characteristics and focus instead on Lively’s ability to help understand the chaos of the maelstorm. Kingfisher was deeply hurt by Trey’s leaving Chippewa the first time Brightlark came through town, but given his turnaround on Brightlark, he’s quite happy to have another gun around. As far as Rigger is concerned… well, Kingfisher will be exceedingly grateful when his crackerjack manufactory is finally fixed, and is starting to run low on patience in the meanwhile…


AW: Chippewa, Population: 202. Kingfisher