The Fat Man

"That's was a good piece of information you gave me. You deserve... a present."


Just imagine a white-bearded man with a SWAT vest with a red robe with grey trim that was prolly once white over the top of it.
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Some would call him jolly. Some might go so far as to describe his twinkling eyes, rosy cheeks, or the quaint way he lays his finger aside his nose with a wink. According to rumor, when he laughs his belly shakes like a bowl full of jelly. Some say that he and his gang in their SWAT gear and dusters come riding into town to give gifts to all deserving folk.
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Others claim that the red robe hides the blood of his victims. That his cold eyes twinkle as he shotguns you in the face on a whim. That his unholy laughter echoes through minds of those witnesses left living as they flash back to the sight of his machete descending again, and again, and again…

Both couldn’t possibly be true. Could they?

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The Fat Man

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